BestaPlus 2009

Information:Dedicated eCommerce for children’s clothing manufacturer BestaPlus. I designed a tool that allows company to increase sales of it's products.
The platform was developed from scratch and tailored to the specific industry. The client had already an online shop at that time. But conversions were dramatically low. I started full interaction design with client: wireframes that were discussed during long meetings. We discovered series of things to improve and a lot of pain-points in the current online shop. It came adding to basket consists of 3 actions: choosing color, size and clicking "add to basket" button. I designed new system for handling this requirement. Graphic assets at 90% can be changed through CMS, so the owner has full control over the appearance of the store. The content store is taken from the client's storage system "Subiekt".

My role: Interaction design, project management

Link to website. Since 2010 website has changed.

As the product consists of 2 parameters: color and size, user has to choose both of them in order to proceed to checkout. The problem is sometimes some sizes are not available. Table looks complicated so I proposed a matrix.


At that time there was nothing like "good practices" or "standards" in eCommerce. We were all learning along with our clients. Below checkout process seems pretty standard these days but then adding visible "steps" was a novelty.