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Information: Merchant Portal is an online tool for merchants for tracking transactions from terminals. It is responsive web application, it is accesible from browser, tablet or smartphone. It is FD core digital product.

My role: managing team of UX/UI deesigners, user experience and interaction design, rapid prototyping Sketch/Zeplin setup. Optimizing workflow, organizing all necessary resources for the team. Inspiring team members, building and maintaining relationships with other teams.

Link to website.

Merchant Portal is a responsive application. It scales across 5 breakpoints according to newest Bootstrap. Most features are accessible regardless of the user device.


Merchant Portal is a financial application it's main feature is Financial view - a table with transactions, pre-authorisations, authorisations, funding etc. Table is designed as a component and described in UI Kit. It is versatile so when creating a new view that require a table grid, front-end developers don't need to ask for a new design - they are implementing based on the component description.

UI KIT - Button component

Below is an example of a component description for a button. The view is dimmed for copyright purposes.