Samsung School

Information:Samsung School is an interactive education platform for schools. It works on browser, Android tablets and as a standalone PC application. It uses Amazon Web Services (AWS - Cloud platform). It is developed entirely by Samsung R&D Poland.

My role: managing small team, user experience and interaction design (designing new features for upcoming release based on feedback from VoC, business and end users, rapid prototyping Sketch/inVision, creating wireframes), design research (usability testing, IDI, focus groups).

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Simple case study on how I work on changes in Samsung School product. In the following example we resolved annoying problem. According to sales representatives feedback, users are ending lesson with "Turn off" checkbox checked unintentionally. In effect all tablets were turned off and users were wasting time turning them on again. Fast corridor tests proved that problem exists.

Additionally the new market requirement emerged at that time: possibility to remove all students private data after lesson ends.

Our analyst requested for 3rd checkbox. This wasn't good solution: ending lesson should be simple operation without lot of decision-making effort from teacher side. Adding 3rd checkbox was opposite. I proposed redesigned flow, based on Windows start menu.

The idea was to simplify the process by replacing checkboxes with buttons so mistake is not possible. I created wireframes for a new solution. The whole Samsung School application is described just like on example below. I am responsible for keeping wireframes up to date.

New End Lesson screen is easier to understand, it doesn't trigger cognition load. Users understand idea (similar to cascading sheets idea) that next option contains previous option.


I am responsible for Samsung School research program. We are cooperating with one of polish primary schools. We are doing in-depth interviews, recordings and usability testing with students and teachers. Information gathered during research becomes direct input to the Requirements phase. We work iteratively.

The research program is so interesting that even had an article in Samsung newsletter (below):


The video below describes an idea and features of Samsung School platform: