Terminal UI | First Data

Information: New terminal UI for Tetra Nexo Ingenico terminals. Mockup application was coded on the real terminal and usability testing was conducted with Dutch merchants in Netherlands in cooperation with Jungleminds external agency.

The challenge was that Ingenico5000 terminal is operated both with keys and touchscreen. We had to map physical keys into touchscreen to enable both types of interactions.

My role: leading design team.

Online advertisement by NatWest Tyl

First business adopter NatWest Tyl online advertisement of new terminals. On the left Clover terminal, on the right Ingenico terminal with our new UI implemented on the production.

Physical keys

Navigation is possible with physical keypad...


... as well as with touchscreen. In that case UI had to mimick some options from keypad to avoid user confusion.

Usability testing - Amsterdam

Design was verified with usability testing. My team created testing scenarios and coded prototype on the actual terminal device. Then 10 merchants were recruited. The research took 2 days and it was conducted by both my team and by external agency Jungleminds in Amsterdam. Participants were interviewed in one room and observed by a group of designers in the other room.

Thanks to observations we identified several issues of our solution and were able to implement changes.

Session registration

We used the Toby camera to record sessions and transfer image to the observation room.